Construction workers in Ohio face so many life-threatening safety hazards every day that some employees become complacent to those that seem less dangerous. These may include ladders, of which the potential risks are often disregarded. It is said that the height of a ladder fall does not determine the severity of the injuries but rather the objects struck by the falling worker on the way down. Hitting one’s head against a hard object can cause brain or spinal cord injuries that could result in permanent impairment.

One such incident occurred in a neighboring state on a recent Tuesday morning. A fire battalion chief reports that a 53-year-old construction worker fell off a ladder. Reportedly, he was only about half-way up the ladder when he fell. However, he landed on the concrete surface of the top floor of a hospital under construction, striking his head against the hard floor.

Firefighters who rushed to the scene say they took precautions by supporting and immobilizing the worker’s spine and neck before they moved him. They loaded him into a basket, and with the help of a crane, he was lowered to ground level. From there, an ambulance transported him to a hospital. The circumstances that caused this man to fall off the ladder are yet to be determined.

The severity of this worker’s injuries was not reported, and it is not known whether permanent impairment will result. When such a workplace accident happens in Ohio, the injured victim will be entitled to file a benefits claim with the workers’ compensation insurance system. Along with medical expenses, the benefits will also cover lost wages. In cases of permanent disability, additional benefits may be awarded.

Source:, “Worker hurt after falling from ladder at McLaren construction site“, Bob Gross, Oct. 17, 2017