Many people in Ohio, including business owners, have a misconception that workers in the tech industry are not at risk of suffering workplace injuries. However, tech workers face many hazards, and a safety violation can cause long-term health problems. Few people realize that repetitive strain injuries from typing on a keyboard and manipulating a mouse for hours on end are the most frequently filed workers’ compensation claims.

Working on a computer all day can cause tension in the hand and wrist muscles and entrap the nerves. This is known as carpal tunnel syndrome — a painful condition that needs surgery to repair the damage. Other hazards in tech environments include slip and trip risks caused by electric extension cords snaking across the floor of a high-tech office along with randomly placed and out-of-place objects.

Walking into objects is cited as the cause of many injuries in the tech-industry, and these are mostly caused by bad housekeeping where common areas are not kept clear of debris. Tech workers often have to carry or move weighty equipment and furniture or lift heavy objects. The risk of muscle sprains and strains or back injuries can be limited by learning safe lifting techniques.

Even if a safety violation does not cause a workplace injury, the victim may pursue financial assistance through the workers’ compensation insurance program. Some smaller or start-up tech firm owners think such insurance coverage is unnecessary, in which case an injured worker may have trouble collecting benefits. This is where the support and guidance of an experienced Ohio workers’ compensation attorney come in. He or she can explain the steps that must be taken to obtain coverage of medical expenses.

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