Some employees in Ohio have to endure unsafe work environments every day. Despite the fact that every safety violation can lead to a penalty, some employers fail to comply with regulations that require them to protect the health and safety of workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that it recently fined four Ohio companies after completion of several investigations.

The Campbell Soup Co. was cited after an employee was sprayed with boiling water when working on a pipe without first draining it. The company also failed to provide the necessary training that would have prevented the incident. Another business that received two citations is a refinery at which inadequate training also led to an injury suffered when a clamp was disconnected on a hose that was under pressure.

The third and fourth recipients of fines were two roofing companies. One of them allowed employees to work on a roof without any guarding or fall protection, and it also received a repeat violation for failure to establish a proper safety program. The other company also repeatedly failed to maintain a program to teach employees to identify fall hazards and a program to teach them how to protect themselves in the events of fall accidents.

All Ohio employees are entitled to safe workplace environments. A victim of an on-the-job injury can seek financial assistance through the workers’ compensation insurance system, regardless of who was at fault or whether a safety violation caused it. The insurance program typically provides coverage of medical expenses along with lost wages if the worker suffered temporary disability.

Source:, “Feds fine four Ohio companies $84K“, Jon Chavez, Nov. 22, 2017