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January 2018 Archives

Temporary disability: Mandatory care aims to stop opioid epidemic

The current opioid epidemic is a nationwide concern, and the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation has found a way to address it. The crisis impacts workers in all industries, and authorities say it is worthwhile to explore ways in which to curb the use of opioids. The need for habit-forming painkillers containing opiates often follows work-related back injuries that cause temporary disability and include products like morphine, heroin, codeine and oxycodone.

Fatal fall might have been the result of a safety violation

Employers in Ohio are expected to protect their employees from harm. By complying with the safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, they can ensure that employees are not exposed to known hazards. However, even a single safety violation can cause permanent impairment or even a death.

Permanent impairment can follow improper lifting techniques

Ohio workers whose jobs have caused them to develop back problems may be interested to know that the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that one in five illnesses and injuries reported by more than 1 million members of the U.S. workforce involve back pain. This type of injury is often the cause of permanent impairment. Authorities say the common cold is the only cause of lost work days that exceeds the number of days missed due to back problems.

Safety violation: Ohio trench collapse claims life of 25-year-old

Following the tragic death of an employee of an excavating company in Ohio, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation. A spokesperson for the agency said the inspectors would focus on the company's compliance with prescribed safety regulations. A safety violation might have caused the collapse of this trench.

Safety violation might have caused death of public works employee

Many workers in industrial facilities in Ohio have to face the hazards posed by the working parts of machines. Some employers neglect to protect workers against this type of danger. It is a safety violation that can claim lives or cause permanent disabilities.

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