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February 2018 Archives

Several threats of permanent impairment at Ohio businesses

Industrial workers in Ohio seem to be putting their lives on the line for employers who prioritize profit over safety. A recent report about penalties issued to businesses in northwest Ohio shows that many workers face hazards that could cause permanent impairment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration revealed the names of six companies that were fined after inspections that were carried out from August to October last year.

Preventing work related injuries protects your quality of life

Your health is everything. Without good health, your quality of life and ability to participate in it is greatly reduced. Similarly, mental health problems increase as poor physical health tends to increase depression and anxiety. Too often, poor health creates a negative cycle, impacting your finances with days lost due to injuries/illness and adding medical debt to your list of financial burdens.

OSHA's citation for amputation hazards contested by Ohio plant

Industrial workers in Ohio whose employers disregard employee safety face numerous hazards every day. When the company fails to comply with the regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, dangers such as contact with unguarded equipment pose amputation and other threats. The aftermath of such exposure led to a citation that OSHA issued to the Springfield plant of Dole.

Bloodborne pathogens can cause permanent impairment

Paramedics, doctors and nurses are at risk for bloodborne pathogens, but they're not the only ones. One Ohio city concerned that this type of exposure may cause permanent impairment to its police officers. As part of the city's risk management program, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health was asked to assess the hazards of potential needlestick injuries that could cause health care problems for cops.

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