Your health is everything. Without good health, your quality of life and ability to participate in it is greatly reduced. Similarly, mental health problems increase as poor physical health tends to increase depression and anxiety. Too often, poor health creates a negative cycle, impacting your finances with days lost due to injuries/illness and adding medical debt to your list of financial burdens.

Your place of work is where most time is spent. Certainly construction jobs offer a higher risk of producing impact injuries; however, office jobs also pose health risks with slouched backs and strained necks. Studies show that 35 percent of work injuries involve muscle sprains and tendons overstressed by repetitive movements. Consequently, the human body is likely to develop back pain and/or tendonitis from consistent bad form and posture.

Taking action for your health and wellbeing

Since injuries and poor health costs so much, it is crucial to take your health seriously while protecting the flow of your finances (i.e. no missed days due to injury or illness) and your ability to fully engage in life on a daily basis.

Here are two ways this can be done:

  • Train regularly with cardio and weightlifting activities to create a powerful and stronger physique.
  • Make a habit of intentionally unwinding from the mental and physical stress your body absorbs each day.

Bodyconscious working

Being mindful of your posture and body form as you bend, lift and sit for long periods of time can seem like an arduous task. However, developing a habit of mindfulness can help you stay connected to how your body is feeling and prevent harmful strains.

If you work in an office where you sit for long periods of time, drinking more water can be an easy way to get you out of your chair. Walking to refill your water bottle or to make more trips to the bathroom will get you moving more frequently. Whichever line of work you are in, always put your health and safety first because your health is everything.

What are some activities you do outside of work to be more resilient to the physicaldemands of your job?