When it comes to workplace safety, it should be a top concern for employers, employees and all others involved in the industrial workplace. Many workplace accidents are avoidable, or could have been prevented, had the right measures been put in place. These measures are often related to safety, whether they be a certain process employees are trained to follow, or a safer version of equipment that can be implemented. OSHA safety measures are fairly strict and up to date when it comes to industrial worker accidents.

Recently, an Ohio man was working in a glass making factory when something went horribly wrong. The 57-year-old had shown up to work that day per usual, but nothing was usual about the accident in which he was involved. Authorities are calling the death an accident, but aren’t revealing much detail, other than the man died due to blunt force trauma to the head and neck. As a background, workers at the factory have tried to unionize without success.

Workers have said that unsafe conditions at their worksite are just one of the factors behind the workers’ desire to unionize. Last year, a representative for the company said it would invest nearly $100,000 to resolve safety violations at the plant. They alleged to have spent millions on safety measures already. It is unclear at this point if the man’s death was preventable due to inadequate safety measures.

However, it is certainly something that is worth looking into. This is true for the family, the existing workers and the plant ownership as they will want to take every measure possible to protect their workers from accident and premature death. Authorities will be looking into the man’s death and the circumstances that surrounded it very closely. An investigation will likely unearth more information.

Source: usnews.com, “Accident Kills Forklift Operator At Glass Maker’s Plant,” March 20, 2018