If you have ever worked in the construction industry, you know how physically demanding the job is. While that can be a positive for many people, it can also have a downside. Since it requires so much physical ability and endurance, it can be quite crippling if a person is injured on the job at a construction site. Scaffold injuries are quite common amongst construction workers for a variety of reasons.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA, says that an estimated 65 percent of construction workers frequently operating on scaffolding, so it is not a shock scaffold injuries and accidents are some of the most common for construction workers. Since scaffold are often lifted high into the air they are some of the most severe in terms of injuries. Scaffold falls may occur due to a number of reasons including defective, unreasonably safe or improperly installed scaffolding. They have also been known to be caused when employers do not take the due diligence to ensure their employees are using the necessary protective equipment or other dangerous objects falling onto the scaffold and injuring the workers.

OSHA regulates the safety equipment and training that employees on and around scaffolding are meant to utilize. Most employers do comply with OSHA regulations and, despite their best efforts, accidents still happen. That is what workers’ compensation is for. Workers’ compensation serves as an insurance policy for employers and as a way for employees to access benefits when they become injured at work.

The workers’ compensation process can sometimes seem daunting, as it is often uncharted territory. However, scaffold injuries can be quite severe and leave a person unable to work due to their injury. This leaves an injured worker and their family with few choices for financial stability. Workers’ comp. is an option after being injured at work due to a scaffold accident.

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