Thinking about workers’ compensation, you may be completely unfamiliar with the term. Workers’ compensation is essentially an insurance program for employers, it protects them from damages in incidents or accidents at work that cause their employees injuries and ultimately, losses. Seeking workers’ compensation benefits is generally an employee’s right when they are injured on-the-job. This should or can be sought when a work accident injury has left you unable to work or unable to complete the work you were once able to do.

When you seek workers’ compensation and accept it, you have ultimately decided to forgo the opportunity to seek damages against an employer in a personal injury suit. Most work accident injuries aren’t due to an employer’s negligence in connection with the work injury. However, it is good to know this if you suspect something may have been awry at the time of the accident. Accidents are just accidents sometimes and that’s exactly why workers’ compensation exists. When seeking workers’ compensation, the funds actually come from the employer’s insurance policy, not the employer themselves.

It is also illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for filing workers’ comp. This is what’s known as retaliation and it is prohibited. An employee, injured on the job, has every right to seek workers’ compensation from their employer. At Morgan & Justice Co LPA we know how confusing it may seem at first with your unexpected work accident injury and then taking the necessary steps to get back on your feet.

That’s especially why workers’ compensation can be so helpful. In times when a person is injured and unable to work, the funds from workers’ comp help to bridge the gap between paychecks. Workers’ comp is not a permanent situation, however it can be awarded in short and longer time spans depending on a person’s situation. Beginning the workers’ compensation process is often the right call after suffering work injury.