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Do you have questions about the workers' compensation process?

You might have been aware of your work injury instantly. A sudden twist of the knee or a fall from a piece of equipment made it pretty obvious just what caused your pain and inability to work. However, not all work injuries are that obvious. Some are brought on slowly, by years and years of repetitive motion or exposure to some element that can cause chronic pain and some level of disability.

Don't suffer through repetitive stress injuries alone

Even though the first thing that may come to mind when the word "injury" is mentioned is severe wounds such as cuts and broken bones, there is another class of injury that is much less dramatic but equally as traumatizing. Repetitive stress injuries can cause enormous amounts of pain and affect your ability to work, but you don't have suffer through them alone.

Worker injury, illness may require workers' compensation benefits

You work hard for your money. But what does your money buy you? Money can buy you and your family financial security, a place to live and most other things one requires or wants in their life. While you work hard to secure it, your body can take a toll in the process. This is especially true for industrial workers and other manual laborers.

Ohio construction worker dies after accident at work site

Some jobs are more dangerous than others. For those that are in the manual labor industry, they are well aware that their job is much more difficult than a typical office job. This is because of the hazards and potential hazards that construction workers, industrial workers and the like, face each day. While OSHA and other safety agencies and organizations oversee and do their best to prevent accidents, injuries and deaths, they do and will likely continue to occur.

What is a repetitive stress injury?

If you are unable to work because of a repetitive stress injury, you may wonder what the term repetitive stress injury refers to and what your options may be if you are suffering from one. Repetitive stress injuries can include tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis which can all be debilitating and painful injuries to suffer from and can be challenging to treat.

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