Some jobs are more dangerous than others. For those that are in the manual labor industry, they are well aware that their job is much more difficult than a typical office job. This is because of the hazards and potential hazards that construction workers, industrial workers and the like, face each day. While OSHA and other safety agencies and organizations oversee and do their best to prevent accidents, injuries and deaths, they do and will likely continue to occur.

Sadly, an Ohio man lost his life far too young on an Ohio construction site while helping build the new Mount Carmel Grove City hospital. While the project is still in process, and it is unclear exactly what events led to his death at this time, he was pronounced dead at the scene. According to family, OSHA is investigating that accident, as is typical of all accident involving worker fatalities. The family says they must know exactly the event that lead up to their loved one’s sudden death.

According to reports, the man was aware of workplace safety and known to be one of the safest workers on site. The man specifically worked for an elevator company that has been known to repair and install elevator equipment as part of his job description. His employer, ThyssenKrup, hasn’t had a fatality since another employee fell down an elevator shaft in 2013.

The results of the OSHA investigation should help to shed light on just how this man’s life was lost. There can be contributing factors in workplace deaths, like industrial worker accidents and accidents of this nature, including equipment failure, failure to teach safety protocols and even human error. Whether this accident can be attributed to any of these factors is not yet known. Workplace safety should be top priority for all employing those working in inherently dangerous jobs. Those injured as well as family members of deceased workers have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits. This could help offset the financial hardships caused by the work accident.

Source:, “Family and friends mourn the loss of construction worker killed in Grove City,” Lu Ann Stoia, April 19, 2018