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June 2018 Archives

Loading dock accident claims life of Ohio worker

Loading docks are a fairly standard structure at many businesses. Some loading dock operations are more substantial than others, but loading dock areas are places where shipments are processed by the business. Whether shipping out freight or taking it in, loading docks can be very busy on the average business day. However, an accident at an Ohio business' loading dock was far from ordinary.

Repetitive stress injuries are more than a nuisance

It can be more than monotonous to do the same motions over and over again. While it may be boring, it can also be harmful. Repetitive stress injuries can occur when a person does the same movement over and over, essentially overusing a part of the body that can lead to a permanent level of disfunction or disability. Did you know that these injuries are potentially compensable?

VSSR claims - what are they and who are they for?

Sometimes it can feel like employees are at a disadvantage to their employers. It seems like the employers set the rules, all the conditions and in return, the employee gets paid. While in theory, it may be a little unbalanced, employees do have rights in terms of worker safety and wellness. Oversights, in terms of workplace safety, can cause a worker to become injured.

Industrial worker dies after accident at Columbus worksite

Really thinking back on the history of the American worker, so many workers before us fought for safer workplaces. Many take it for granted today, but the average industrial worker knows just how dangerous the workplace can be. Sadly, a worker in a Columbus industrial plant perished after an accident at his workplace. While under the incident is under investigation, a few details are emerging about the accident that led to his premature death.

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