Loading docks are a fairly standard structure at many businesses. Some loading dock operations are more substantial than others, but loading dock areas are places where shipments are processed by the business. Whether shipping out freight or taking it in, loading docks can be very busy on the average business day. However, an accident at an Ohio business’ loading dock was far from ordinary.

The process for loading or unloading items at the docks usually starts with the truck that is carrying or picking up freight. At the time of this particular work accident, a worker was repairing a hydraulic mechanism on the loading dock when a semi-trailer pinned him against the dock. The man succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the industrial work accident.

The company who employed the man released a statement that read in part, “We will continue to strive in providing a safe workplace for our employees, contractors, and visitors. Valfilm is working closely with local authorities to determine what caused the incident.” This accident is under investigation as it’s not known why the semi-truck driver was not aware of the repairs being performed on the loading dock at the time of the accident. The investigation will attempt to determine why this happened and caused such an unnecessary loss of life.

Workers should be able to go to their jobs without the threat of fatal injury from an unsafe work environment. Regulations and safety precautions exist to reduce the chance of further deaths, like this man’s, from occurring.