It can be more than monotonous to do the same motions over and over again. While it may be boring, it can also be harmful. Repetitive stress injuries can occur when a person does the same movement over and over, essentially overusing a part of the body that can lead to a permanent level of disfunction or disability. Did you know that these injuries are potentially compensable?

Repetitive stress injuries can come in many forms, due to a variety of movements. Something as small as typing can bring on repetitive stress injuries in the hands and wrists. Operating machinery and lifting or pressing repeatedly can cause injuries in the back and neck. Even straining your eyes to see can cause issues with your sight in the long term. Certain tendons, joints or other tissues can be damaged permanently when they are overused.

This is what characterizes a repetitive stress injury. It is something that happens over time, it is not something that manifests due to one instance, but it can be exacerbated by a single incident injury. This type of injury can just as easily keep a person out of work as a single injury event.

If a repetitive stress injury is impacting your ability to work, consider the options. Workers’ compensation can be a great resource, but it must be sought out. Employers are required to have workers compensation insurance to aid workers who become unable to work due to injury. This includes stress related injuries. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can be helpful to those in such situations.