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How to treat a repetitive stress injury

Repetitive stress injuries can prevent a worker from doing the work they normally do or prevent them from ever being able to perform certain tasks again in the future. Knowing how to respond, and treat, repetitive stress injuries is important but also is knowing what resources are available to help injured workers with some of the medical costs and financial losses they experience because of a workplace injury.

Knowing who qualifies for workers' compensation is important

Following a workplace injury, an employer may be responsible to compensate the injured worker for lost wages and harm they have suffered as part of the workers' compensation process. In general, workers' compensation benefits help with lost wages and medical expenses while a worker recovers following a workplace injury. Most employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance.

Different types of worker's compensation benefits can help

Injured workers may face many challenges following a workplace accident or injury which is why they need to be familiar with the variety of different types of benefits that may be available to help them. There are many different types of benefits available through workers' compensation so workers and their families should understand the full range of benefits and how they may meet the specific needs and struggles of injured workers after a workplace accident.

Using ergonomics to avoid repetitive stress injuries from sitting

Many folks sit at the computer for hours every work day, or they sit behind the steering wheel of a bus, truck, or taxi. These people are at risk of repetitive stress injuries. After all, the way they sit and the way they move tend to put repetitive stress on the same parts of their bodies, often the forearm, back or wrist.

What should I do following a workplace accident?

When a workplace accident has taken place, it is important for injured workers to know what to do. Workers involved in an industrial worker accident or other type of workplace accident in Ohio may have many questions but should know how to respond before and after a workplace accident.

Workers' compensation benefits basics in Ohio

In Ohio, the workers' compensation process can help injured workers with the costs they face following a workplace injury or workplace illness. Workers' compensation insurance is insurance purchased by employers that covers employees, regardless of fault, who are injured at work in a workplace accident.

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