Injured workers may face many challenges following a workplace accident or injury which is why they need to be familiar with the variety of different types of benefits that may be available to help them. There are many different types of benefits available through workers’ compensation so workers and their families should understand the full range of benefits and how they may meet the specific needs and struggles of injured workers after a workplace accident.

Workers may be able to receive weekly benefits or a workers’ compensation settlement depending on the circumstances. Different weekly benefits may be available if the worker’s injury prevents the from working. Benefits that may be available include temporary total disability while the injured worker is unable to work; wage loss compensation if the worker can return to work but is forced to work in a lower paying job because of their injury; living maintenance while they are participating in rehabilitation; and permanent total disability benefits if they are unable to work at all.

In addition, if the worker is killed in a fatal workplace accident, surviving family members may be able to receive death benefits through the workers’ compensation process. Additional types of benefits that may also be available include permanent partial disability; compensation for an amputation injury; compensation for a safety violation; or a workers’ compensation settlement.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be a vital support for injured workers and their families struggling through a difficult time following a workplace injury. As a result, it is necessary for injured workers to be familiar with what those benefits are and how to pursue them when needed.