Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of repetitive stress injury that can be serious for workers and make it difficult for them to do their jobs. If you or a family member or loved one is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or another repetitive stress injury, you may have many questions you need answers to and wonder what to do.

It is important for workers suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome to understand the resources available to help them, including workers’ compensation options. Because repetitive stress injuries can lead to medical bills and time away from work, it is helpful to be familiar with one common type of repetitive stress injury you may already be aware of. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause numbness, tingling, weakness and other symptoms in the arms and hands of the sufferer.

Repetitive hand motions and some other factors can sometimes contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome. Pressure on the median nerve causes carpal tunnel syndrome. The pressure necessary to cause carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by repetitive flexing of the wrist which may take place at work. The pressure on the median nerve needed to cause carpal tunnel syndrome can occur in other ways as well.

Because not enough research has been conducted yet to fully understand carpal tunnel syndrome, it is important for injured workers to be familiar with workers’ compensation protections available to help them if they are suffering from a repetitive stress injury and are unable to work. Workers compensation benefits can help injured workers with the medical costs they incur to help ensure they receive the medical care they need and can also help with the lost wages and they are required to spend time away from work to recover.