Workers and their families should always be familiar with workers’ compensation protections available to them. A recent workplace accident that occurred in an Ohio community northwest of the Columbus area is under investigation. In a statement, it was reported that the injured worker was injured in an industrial accident at a yogurt and dairy plant. The injured worker was treated in the first aid room by on-site medical responders until emergency responders could arrive. The injured worker was then transported to a local hospital for further treatment of his workplace injury. The injured worker was a contractor.

No further information about the industrial worker accident was provided. The company is required to report the workplace accident to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration within 24 hours of it taking place. When a worker has been injured on-the-job, their entire livelihood may be jeopardized. It is important that they are familiar with workers’ compensation options in Ohio that may be available to help them through the challenging period ahead.

Injured workers may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help with their medical expenses and time away from work, resulting in lost wages. This helps ensure they receive the medical care and treatment they need for their workplace injury. It can also help ensure they have the income they need to survive while they are recovering from their injury and likely attempting to be able to return to work at some point once they are well enough.

Injured workers can benefit from trained guidance through the workers’ compensation process and understanding how to make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. It is entirely essential for them to be familiar with these important protections when they have been harmed on the job.