When most people think of workers’ comp claims, they think of major events such as slips and falls. However, some injuries can develop over time. Employees for Marriott hotels recently went on strike in part due to the prevalence of repetitive stress injuries in the workplace, but these workers face exposure to other additional risks that may require addressing. 

After sustaining an injury of any kind at work, you need to see a doctor right away. For the initial visit, you can see any doctor you wish, but if pursuing a worker’ comp claim, then you need to see a professional within the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation network. For this first visit, here are actions you need to make sure you take. 

Be upfront about previous injuries

Your doctor will ask you about your medical history. Some people will be hesitant to bring up prior medical conditions because they fear it could compromise a claim. In the event an employee experiences a slip and fall but has a history of back problems, the insurance company could claim future back problems are a result of those previous issues. However, lying will never help your claim. It is best to be upfront about these problems. 

Fill out the intake form entirely

You need to fill out an incident report at your job, but you also need to complete the intake form at the doctor’s office in full. You need to list out every single symptom you have experienced no matter how small. Something that seems inconsequential now could exacerbate in a matter of weeks. 

Do not exaggerate symptoms

The doctor will conduct numerous exams and tests to determine the full extent of your injuries. You do not want to claim you suffer from specific injuries when a doctor can ascertain whether you are telling the truth. You do not want the insurance company to view you as a liar.