Injured workers may have many questions about the workers’ compensation process that need answers. The workers’ compensation system in Ohio provides important protections to injured workers who may have suffered harm at work because of an occupational illness or workplace accident causing injuries.

Workers’ compensation benefits provide peace of mind for injured workers and their family during a difficult time. Injured workers may be able to receive different types of benefits but, generally, injured workers are eligible to receive temporary total disability benefits if they are unable to return to work for 8 calendar days or greater. Temporary total disability benefits are typically the first form of workers’ compensation benefits an injured worker will receive.

Injured workers will receive benefits for the total number of days that have missed because of their workplace injury or occupational illness once they have missed 14 days of work because of a workplace accident, injury or occupational illness. Understanding the complexities associated with the workers’ compensation process can help injured workers and their families obtain the benefits that they need. Workers’ compensation benefits can help with medical expenses and lost wages. Death benefits may also be available in some circumstances.

Knowing what workers’ compensation benefits are available and when they will be available is valuable information for injured workers to have. Injured workers need to have access to important benefits available through workers’ compensation that may also be able to help workers suffering from a workplace-related illness and families who have lost a loved one in a fatal workplace accident.