Workplace accidents can take a toll on workers and their families. A recent fatal workplace accident in an Ohio community north of the Columbus area claimed the life of a 31-year old man. The man was pinned and killed at his workplace in an accidental death. He worked at an auto shop that specialized in muffler and brake repairs. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and an autopsy was pending following the accident.

First responders were at the scene of the accident and the company released a statement noting that it would begin an investigation into the cause of the accident. When victims are killed in fatal workplace accidents it is important for their families to be familiar with the options that may be able to help them through a difficult period of time. Workers’ compensation benefits may be available to help surviving family members.

In addition to workers’ compensation benefits to help injured workers with lost earnings and medical expenses, workers’ compensation benefits may also be able to help surviving family members through death benefits available to help them with the financial and emotional losses they have suffered. Whenever a workplace accident has taken place, it is essential for workers and their families to be familiar with the different workers’ compensation options available to them.

Workers’ compensation is designed to serve as a resource to injured workers and their families in different circumstances. Because workers and their families can find themselves and their families in a variety of challenging situations after a workplace accident, they must also know how to protect themselves.