Unfortunately, workers can suffer a variety of different types of harm in their workplaces. Fortunately, on the other hand, workers’ compensation benefits are available to help injured workers who may be suffering either from a workplace injury or occupational illness that prevents them from working and being able to earn a living.

In addition to occupational illnesses for which they may need help, workers can suffer a variety of different on-the-job injuries including back injuries; joint injuries; crush injuries; brain injuries; and repetitive motion injuries, as recently discussed on this blog. Occupational illnesses such as lung cancer or other lung diseases can result from exposure to toxins in the workplace. Occupational illnesses that workers may suffer with can develop over time which may create additional complexities when seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers can also suffer from other types of injuries that worsen over time or flow-through medical conditions that may develop because of another injury suffered on-the-job. In addition to obtaining medical care and treatment, it may also be necessary for injured workers or workers suffering with an occupational illness to keep careful records of their medical condition and the treatment they receive when applying for workers’ compensation benefits.

Whatever the circumstances are that led to the injured worker being unable to work to help support themselves and their family members, whether it be from a workplace injury or occupational illness, workers’ compensation benefits may be able to help. Workers’ compensation benefits can help with medical expenses and lost earnings which is why injured workers should be familiar with these benefits and how to apply for them.