Workers’ compensation benefits are available to workers who have suffered harm in the course of their employment. It is important for injured workers to understand the range of harm they may suffer on the job and what workers’ compensation benefits may cover.

For example, workers’ compensation benefits may be available to injured workers who have a preexisting medical condition that is aggravated or accelerated by workplace conditions or a workplace illness or injury. In addition, such benefits may be available for injuries that are caused at work including during break times, lunch hours and activities that are sponsored at the workplace. They may also be available for injuries caused by company facilities.

In addition, injuries that workers suffer because of the physical or mental strain caused by work-related stress or additional duties at work may also make an injured worker eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Occupational illnesses are also commonly covered, though they may not always be immediately known. Illnesses such as lung cancer or other illnesses that can be acquired by exposure to toxins in the workplace or other harm may also be covered if it can be shown that conditions experienced at work contributed to the workers’ current health problems.

The goal of workers’ compensation is to make it easier for those injured at work or suffering from illnesses contracted at work to obtain benefits – but the reality is that help may be needed to obtain these much needed funds. For those interested in learning more about the workers’ compensation process and their options for compensation, working with an experienced attorney may be the best path forward.