Workers’ compensation benefits are an important protection injured workers should understand the details of. These benefits can help injured workers and their families through a difficult time when they need assistance with medical expenses, lost wages and other concerns after they have suffered as a result of a workplace injury.

Workers compensation benefits are generally available to injured workers regardless of fault which is one reason it is so important to be familiar with them. Receipt of workers’ compensation benefits, however, precludes the pursuit of a personal injury claim against an employer, though not necessarily against a third party, so it is important for injured workers to understand these details as well.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help with a variety of significant and everyday concerns that injured workers may face including medical expenses resulting from their injury or illness; replacement income for their lost wages while they are recovering; costs of retraining and vocational rehabilitation if the injuries they have suffered on the job prevent them from being able to return to their job; compensation for permanent injuries and disabilities; and death benefits for surviving family members, if a worker is killed in a fatal workplace accident.

When a worker has been injured on the job, they may not know what to do which is why they should be familiar with the protections available to them through workers’ compensation benefits. In addition, it is beneficial for injured workers to be familiar with the process of how to obtain these oftentimes badly-needed benefits and how to fight for them when needed if a claim for benefits has been denied.