This blog recently discussed some of the different protections available to injured workers through the workers’ compensation process. Benefits can include medical expenses and lost wages benefits, as well as death benefits in some situations. Other types of benefits may be available in other circumstances as well to help injured workers with either temporary or permanent disability suffered because of a workplace injury.

In addition, workers’ compensation benefits are available for a variety of different types of workplace injuries suffered on-the-job but are also available in circumstances of occupational illnesses as well. When injured workers or workers suffering with an occupational illness are unable to work, workers’ compensation benefits can step in to help them with their unique and individualized situation. Understanding the options and categories of benefits can be helpful for injured workers and their families to be familiar with.

Workers can suffer debilitating injuries that leave them unable to work or to perform the same work they have in the past or may have been accustomed to their entire lives. Workers’ compensation benefits for temporary disability may be available to injured workers if they are temporarily unable to work because of a workplace injury and need help with their lost earnings and medical expenses. Injured workers who have suffered permanent disability that leaves them unable to work should be familiar with how to protect their interests and may also benefit from trained guidance through the workers’ compensation process.

Knowing how to navigate the workers’ compensation process when an injured worker has lost their livelihood and is facing physical injuries and the accompanying financial impact of those injuries, is valuable. Injured workers and their families should know what to do when a worker has been injured on the job.