The workers’ compensation process in Ohio is important for injured workers and their families to understand. Knowing how the workers’ compensation process works can be vital for injured workers to secure the benefits they and their families badly need following a workplace accident.

To begin with, to apply for workers’ compensation benefits the injured worker and their family should be aware that there is a 2-year time limit to file a claim. Once they have filed a claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) in Ohio, the BWC has 28 days to make a determination on the injured worker’s claim. If the injured worker disagrees with the decision made by the BWC, they have 14 days to appeal that decision. It is not only helpful for injured workers to be familiar with the application process but also to be familiar with the appeals process for workers’ compensation benefits.

Injured workers should immediately report their injury to their employer after they have suffered it. To be successful on a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, the injured worker must show that they are an employee of the employer; that the injury was accidental; and that the injury took place in the course of their employment or arising out of their employment. Workers’ compensation benefits can help with medical expenses and wage replacement, as well as in other situations depending on the needs and circumstances of the injured worker.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers and their families in a variety of ways. It is important that injured workers and their families are familiar with what workers’ compensation benefits have to offer and how to obtain the benefits when the need them.