Knowing how to get workers’ compensation benefits when injured on the job in Ohio is extremely important for injured workers and their families to be familiar with. Injured workers and their families may be left with so many questions following a workplace accident that they should have answers to.

Filing a claim for benefits is an important first step after being injured in the workplace. Injured workers are required to complete a form that can be mailed in or completed online. Most claims are reported by a managed care organization after they learn of a work-related injury or illness from a health care provider or the worker’s employer. Once the claim form has been completed and submitted, a decision to deny or approve the claim is made within 28 days.

Information that the injured worker will need to provide as part of the workers’ compensation claims process includes personal details as well as employer details; a detailed description of the accident; the medical diagnosis they have received for their injury; medical documentation related to the medical treatment they require; and any information regarding disability the injured worker suffers from. Different types of workers’ compensation benefits may be available to injured workers depending on the circumstances.

In addition, different timelines and deadlines apply to submitting a claim and other workers’ compensation-related concerns so it is essential for injured workers and their families to be as familiar as possible with the workers’ compensation process of submitting a claim. Understanding the workers’ compensation process will help injured workers receive the benefits they need when they need them which is valuable for them and for their families.