To understand what to do if a claim for workers’ compensation benefits is denied in Ohio, it is helpful to understand the process of applying for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits provide important protections to workers and their families which is why it is important for them to receive these benefits when they need them.

Once a workers’ compensation claim is made, it will begin processing which means the investigation will begin. Information that will be required from the injured worker includes medical records from all medical care providers who have treated the injured worker; a completed form related to the injured worker’s future work activity restrictions, if there are any; if the worker is restricted from working for more than 7 days, they will be required to submit the necessary form; documentation of the injured worker’s earnings; employer certification; and other information as well in some circumstances.

Once all of this information has been submitted and reviewed, a decision concerning the claim will be issued. The claim can either be allowed or denied. Within 28 days from the claim being filed, the decision whether to allow or deny the claim will be made. If a decision to deny the claim is made, the injured worker can appeal the claim within 14 days. It is important for injured workers and their families to know how and when to challenge a denial of workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to Ohio workers injured in a workplace accident, as well as those suffering from an occupational illness. Workers’ compensation benefits can generally help with an injured worker’s medical expenses and lost wages while they recover and get well which is why they are so valuable to understand and know how to appeal to receive.