Unfortunately, at times, in Ohio a workplace accident or injury can sometimes occur because of an employer’s violation of a specific safety requirement. In those circumstances, the injured victim, or their family in some instances, maybe able to recover additional compensation for the harm they have suffered. It is important for injured victims and their families to be familiar with what a employer violation of specific safety requirement (VSSR benefit) is.

VSSR is a certain type of benefit that may be available to injured workers and their family members in circumstances of a fatal workplace accident. Injured workers and the family members of workers killed in a workplace fatality may be able to file for the VSSR benefit. The employer may be required to pay the VSSR benefit if there has been a failure to comply with specific safety requirement which has led to a workplace accident, injury or fatality.

The VSSR benefit requires a form that is the application for the additional benefit. The Industrial Commission of Ohio handles VSSR applications and determines when the additional benefit is due to an injured worker or their family members if the worker has been killed in a fatal workplace accident. The amount of benefit depends on the Industrial Commission hearing officer’s determination who hears the VSSR request. If the hearing officer finds the employer in violation of a specific safety requirement, the hearing officer will assess a penalty that ranges from 15% to 50% of the maximum workers’ compensation award. The percentage decided upon above the workers’ compensation benefit will go to the injured worker or their surviving loved ones.

Workers’ compensation benefits generally can help injured workers with medical expenses and lost earnings and can also help surviving family members with death benefits that may be available. As a result, injured workers and their families should be familiar with all of the resources to help them following a workplace accident, including the additional VSSR benefit.