Employers have the responsibility to provide safe workplaces to their employees in Ohio. When they fail to do so, there can be significant harm to injured workers and their families and significant consequences for employers.

An Ohio company was recently fined and placed on probation for two years for covering up safety concerns and interfering with an investigation into a fatal workplace accident that killed one worker and injured another worker. The company was fined $250,000 by a federal judge reviewing the incident. The 21-year old worker that was killed in the industrial worker accident when racks containing hot aluminum products and weighing over 4,000 pounds tipped over and crushed him. The company and its plant manager and safety coordinator have been accused of obstructing the investigation.

When workers have been injured on the job in Ohio, they should know that they can rely on workers’ compensation benefits. Understanding how to obtain those benefits is important. Equally important is for surviving family members to understand how workers’ compensation death benefits may be able to help them when they have suffered the unexpected loss of a loved one in a fatal workplace accident. In addition, in Ohio, when a worker has been injured because of specific safety violations by the employer, the injured worker may be able to recover additional workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers throughout Ohio should be able to rely that when step into their workplaces each day, they are safe. When this trust has been violated, injured workers and their families need to be familiar with workers’ compensation benefits and how they protect them.