Important protections are available for injured workers in Ohio. In an Ohio community a couple of hours north of the Columbus area, an industrial worker accident recently resulted in an injured worker being flown to the hospital. The injured worker fell into a mixer and was trapped. Authorities reported that the injured worker was pinned in the mixer in some type of tar substance. Rescue crews worked together to help free the injured worker. The process of freeing the injured worker took some time and he was then flown by helicopter to the hospital. The worker was alert following the accident but his condition was unknown following it.

When a victim has suffered an industrial worker accident there are valuable resources available to them to help them with their medical expenses and care, lost wages and can also provide some other assistance as well depending on the circumstances. An industrial workplace accident, whether it results in injuries or death, can be devastating for the stability of injured workers and their families who can lose everything they rely on in an instant.

Workers’ compensation benefits can step in to help injured workers continue to meet their daily needs and ensure they receive the medical care and treatment they need while they are recovering. In addition, workers’ compensation benefits may also be able to help with vocational rehabilitation, disability and provide death benefits for surviving family members to help them during a difficult time.

Injured workers in Ohio should be familiar with their workers’ compensation protections and rights. They should also always understand how workers’ compensation benefits can help their particular situation and how to obtain them when needed.