What Is An Employer Violation Of A Specific Safety Requirement?

Under Ohio law, it is an employer’s duty to provide a safe working environment. Therefore, they must adhere to all state-imposed safety requirements. If they fail to do so, they could be held liable for an employer violation of specific safety requirement (VSSR). With a VSSR, an injured employee may be able to claim an additional 15 to 50 percent of Ohio’s maximum weekly compensation rate in addition to their regular workers’ compensation benefits.

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When Can You Claim VSSR Compensation?

In order to collect VSSR compensation, you must be able to prove:

  • That your employer violated a specific safety regulation
  • The violated safety regulation directly impacted your role
  • Your employer’s safety violation caused your injury or illness

If you lost a family member in a workplace-related accident, you may be able to collect VSSR compensation if you can prove that the employer’s negligence directly contributed to their untimely death.

How Do You Make A Claim?

To complete a VSSR claim, you need to file an Additional Award for Violation of Specific Safety Requirements form as a part of your workers’ compensation claim form. All claims must be made before their deadline expires, typically two years from the date of the injury, illness or death. Failure to do so may make you ineligible for benefits.

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) will examine your claim and notify you and your employer of their findings. Morgan & Justice can aggressively support your claim and provide additional evidence during the investigation to increase your chances of securing compensation. If your claim is rejected, our qualified lawyers can appeal the decision.

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