Ensuring High-Quality Medical Treatment

If you were hurt on the job, one of your primary concerns is receiving proper medical treatment. You may have questions about what doctor to see and who will cover the costs of medical care. Our attorneys can answer these questions and guide you through the health care process. At Morgan & Justice, our lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience securing full workers’ compensation benefits for Ohio residents, including proper coverage of good medical care and what to do if you have a permanent disability.

If you face a workplace-related injury or illness, call our Columbus office at 800-948-6200 or 614-258-1133 to discuss your case during a free consultation. We are dedicated to advocating for your health and ensuring that you receive proper care.

Select A Medical Provider You Trust

You may be concerned that your employer will pick your doctor for you and that the doctor may not provide the quality health care or physical therapy that you need. Fortunately, that is not the case. In Ohio, you have a right to see the doctor of your choice as long as they are a certified provider by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). If there is ever a dispute over who can provide your medical treatment, our attorneys can provide the support you need to uncover a satisfactory resolution.

Understanding How Your Medical Bills Are Paid

You should not receive medical bills once your workers’ compensation claim is approved. Your medical provider will send bills directly to the Managed Care Organization (MCO), which will review and forward them to the BWC. The BWC pays the MCO, and they pay your medical provider. If you ever receive a bill or are involved in a coverage dispute, our lawyers will protect your best interests and your rights.

Contact Us To Schedule A Free Consultation

If you are considering a workers’ compensation claim, call us at 800-948-6200 or 614-258-1133 to schedule a free case consultation. You may also contact us online. We want to make certain that you receive high-quality medical care and proper coverage throughout your healing process.