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Ohio manufacturer cited after worker is injured

When a worker in Ohio has been injured on-the-job, there are different ways that their employer may be held liable. Recently, a manufacturing company based in Ohio was cited for safety violations after one of its employees was injured. The Ohio-based company was cited by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after an employee was hospitalized with a crushed arm.

The different types of injuries workers may suffer on the job

A workplace accident can create many physical, financial and emotional challenges for victims and their families. Fortunately, workers' compensation benefits can help victims and their families with the fall out of an industrial workers accident.

Worker killed in Ohio workplace accident

Workplace accidents can take a toll on workers and their families. A recent fatal workplace accident in an Ohio community north of the Columbus area claimed the life of a 31-year old man. The man was pinned and killed at his workplace in an accidental death. He worked at an auto shop that specialized in muffler and brake repairs. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and an autopsy was pending following the accident.

Worker injured in Ohio industrial worker accident

Workers and their families should always be familiar with workers' compensation protections available to them. A recent workplace accident that occurred in an Ohio community northwest of the Columbus area is under investigation. In a statement, it was reported that the injured worker was injured in an industrial accident at a yogurt and dairy plant. The injured worker was treated in the first aid room by on-site medical responders until emergency responders could arrive. The injured worker was then transported to a local hospital for further treatment of his workplace injury. The injured worker was a contractor.

What should I do following a workplace accident?

When a workplace accident has taken place, it is important for injured workers to know what to do. Workers involved in an industrial worker accident or other type of workplace accident in Ohio may have many questions but should know how to respond before and after a workplace accident.

The importance of workplace safety

Workers have an expectation of safety in their workplaces and should be familiar with the resources available to help ensure that but also to be familiar with their rights and remedies if they have been injured in a workplace accident. Additionally, employers should not only have policies in place to respond to a workplace accident but should also take steps to help prevent one from occurring.

Loading dock accident claims life of Ohio worker

Loading docks are a fairly standard structure at many businesses. Some loading dock operations are more substantial than others, but loading dock areas are places where shipments are processed by the business. Whether shipping out freight or taking it in, loading docks can be very busy on the average business day. However, an accident at an Ohio business' loading dock was far from ordinary.

Industrial worker dies after accident at Columbus worksite

Really thinking back on the history of the American worker, so many workers before us fought for safer workplaces. Many take it for granted today, but the average industrial worker knows just how dangerous the workplace can be. Sadly, a worker in a Columbus industrial plant perished after an accident at his workplace. While under the incident is under investigation, a few details are emerging about the accident that led to his premature death.

Ohio construction worker dies after accident at work site

Some jobs are more dangerous than others. For those that are in the manual labor industry, they are well aware that their job is much more difficult than a typical office job. This is because of the hazards and potential hazards that construction workers, industrial workers and the like, face each day. While OSHA and other safety agencies and organizations oversee and do their best to prevent accidents, injuries and deaths, they do and will likely continue to occur.

Ohio industrial worker dies in accident with forklift

When it comes to workplace safety, it should be a top concern for employers, employees and all others involved in the industrial workplace. Many workplace accidents are avoidable, or could have been prevented, had the right measures been put in place. These measures are often related to safety, whether they be a certain process employees are trained to follow, or a safer version of equipment that can be implemented. OSHA safety measures are fairly strict and up to date when it comes to industrial worker accidents.

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