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Ohio worker injured in industrial accident

Important protections are available for injured workers in Ohio. In an Ohio community a couple of hours north of the Columbus area, an industrial worker accident recently resulted in an injured worker being flown to the hospital. The injured worker fell into a mixer and was trapped. Authorities reported that the injured worker was pinned in the mixer in some type of tar substance. Rescue crews worked together to help free the injured worker. The process of freeing the injured worker took some time and he was then flown by helicopter to the hospital. The worker was alert following the accident but his condition was unknown following it.

Protections for families following fatal workplace accidents

Workers' compensation benefits can protect injured workers and workers killed in their workplaces. During 2017, nearly 5,200 American workers died on the job which amounts to 14 workers killed in their workplaces daily. In addition, the number of workplace deaths increased from 2016 to 2017. Because of this unfortunate reality, it is important to focus on workplace safety and also for surviving family members of workers killed on the job to be familiar with the workers' compensation protections available to them.

Protections for workers facing occupational illness

Discussions of workers' compensation often focus on falls and other accidents, but workers' compensation benefits can help people who have been injured on the job in many ways, including through exposure to dangerous chemicals. In some cases, the benefits can help people who have developed long-term illnesses after exposure to toxic materials.

The different types of workplace accident workers may suffer

Unfortunately, there is a litany of injuries workers can suffer in the workplace, including in an industrial or office setting. Because of this unfortunate reality, it is essential for injured workers and their families to be familiar with how workers' compensation benefits can help them with these injuries.

Where to turn after a workplace accident

After a workplace accident, injured workers and their families may wonder what to do. They are likely unexpectedly left facing high medical care costs at the same time they are unable to work to help pay for those costs, as well as their other everyday costs and the needs of themselves and their families. Fortunately, workers' compensation benefits serve as a resource to help with the care they need and their lost earnings.

Common types of workplace injuries

Workplace injuries can leave injured workers and their families wondering where to turn as they are unable to return to work to earn a living and may be spending time in doctor's offices as medical expenses pile up around them. Workers' compensation benefits are available to help injured workers and their families with the many common types of injuries they may suffer in workplace accidents.

Ohio company charged following fatal workplace accident

Workers' compensation benefits help workers and families during their most difficult times. A manufacturing company in Ohio has been charged with making misleading statements in an investigation about a workplace accident that seriously injured one employee and killed another. Two former plant managers were charged with covering up safety concerns that had come up before. The two former plant managers were charged with covering up the safety concerns during a 2012 investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Worker killed in fatal Ohio workplace accident

Workers' compensation benefits in Ohio are important for workers and their families to be familiar with. They can provide protections against both workplace accidents that result in injuries, as well as for families in unthinkable circumstances such as a fatal workplace accident.

Fatal workplace accident in Ohio claims life of worker

Workers and their families need to be familiar with Ohio workers' compensation benefits. An Ohio worker was recently killed in a fatal warehouse accident. The 56-year old worker was loading products onto a truck using an expandable conveyor belt when he became pinned in between boxes and was crushed. The victim was pinned in between the boxes and the machinery he was working with for approximately 10 minutes before he was freed. The victim was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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