Common Types Of Work Injuries

At Morgan & Justice in Columbus, we represent victims of work injuries of all types, including:

  • Back injuries (lower back injuries, spine injuries, herniated disks)
  • Joint injuries (shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, hip injuries, knee injuries)
  • Repetitive motion injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Crush injuries (hands and arms caught in punch press machines and other equipment)
  • Brain injuries (concussion, traumatic brain injuries)

Our work injury lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience handling workers’ compensation claims. As necessary, we will consult with medical experts to understand the nature of your injury and build a strong case.

Occupational Diseases

In addition to handling claims involving work injuries, we also represent workers with occupational illness claims. These claims may involve lung cancer or other lung diseases that resulted in exposure to toxins in the workplace. These cases are often more complex, because the condition may have developed slowly over time. Our attorneys have the experience to successfully handle even the most challenging claims.

Additional Conditions

Have you developed a more serious condition than the initial diagnosis? For example, a lower back injury may have initially been diagnosed as a sprain, but eventually developed into a herniated disk or arthritis. In these cases, it is advisable to have the more serious diagnosis allowed to obtain all resulting medical treatment and compensation. We can help.

Flow-Through Conditions

Has your original injury caused a different condition? For example, a lower back injury may cause an injured workers’ leg to give way, resulting in a fall and a broken wrist. Similarly, a workplace accident victim may suffer from severe depression because of the work injury. This is referred to as a flow-through condition or a secondary condition. In these cases, it is important to have your claim allowed for the flow-through diagnoses to obtain all resulting medical treatment and compensation. We are well-versed in these matters.

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