Are You Unable To Work Due To Injury?

Workers’ compensation benefits can be secured for a wide range of injury types and severities. You may be able to collect compensation for a temporary injury or for a debilitating accident that impairs your ability to secure work. Morgan & Justice has assisted Ohio residents inflicted with all manner of workplace injuries and illnesses. If you are injured and unable to work, our knowledgeable attorneys can explain what benefits you are eligible for given your circumstances and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

If you suffer a workplace injury and are unable to work, call our Columbus office at 800-948-6200 or 614-258-1133 to schedule a free case evaluation and discuss your options.

Temporary Disability Options

A substantial portion of workers’ compensation injuries are accompanied by temporary disabilities that prevent individuals from working for a period of time. When you are temporarily unable to work, workers’ compensation can cover your lost wages and medical bills.

Permanent Partial Disability

Some vocational injuries are so debilitating, such as amputations or permanent brain damage, that workers never fully recover. They can face severe physical restrictions that make it impossible to retain their past role or earn a sufficient income. If you are permanently disabled due to a workplace injury, our skilled attorneys can help you pursue a settlement that protects your financial future and covers on-going medical treatment.

If you are able to work but cannot complete the tasks of your old job, you may be eligible to receive vocational training to prepare you for a new employment opportunity.

Contact Our Lawyers For Assertive Legal Protection

If you are unable to work due to a workplace injury, call our assertive attorneys at 800-948-6200 or 614-258-1133 to schedule a free case evaluation, or contact us online. You deserve maximum compensation for your losses. We understand each step of the process and how to achieve the results you need.