What Can You Do If Your Claim Is Denied?

If your workers’ comp claim is denied, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) will send a letter explaining the reason for your rejection. You may be denied due to a variety of factors, including lacking sufficient injury evidence, filing your claim past its deadline or making a claim for an injury not reimbursable through workers’ compensation. Fortunately, a claim denial is not final. If you believe that your claim was wrongly rejected, you can hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to appeal the decision.

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Thorough Case Investigation To Protect Your Benefits

Our attorneys have over 50 years of workers’ compensation experience. We understand what evidence the BWC requires to accept a claim and how to secure maximum benefits. For best results, you should contact our firm immediately after your accident; however, we can step in at any stage of the claim process.

Our Ohio lawyers are detail-oriented and can quickly identify areas of weakness to strategically improve your application and enhance your chances of success. Our attorneys are additionally experienced with the appeals process and can represent your case before the court of appeals if necessary.

Take Measures To Protect Your Claim

If possible, it is preferable to avoid a workers’ compensation denial altogether. To provide your claim with the best chance of success:

  • File an injury report with your employer immediately after your accident.
  • File a workers’ compensation claim with the BWC within two years of your injury.
  • Obtain medical treatment for your injury.

  • Collect evidence to support your claim.
  • Adhere to all claim deadlines or you may forfeit your right to benefits.
  • Discuss your case with our attorneys to ensure that you adhere to all claim requirements.

Contact Us For Knowledgeable Counsel

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